Board and Governance

In order to ensure our effectiveness on behalf of our thousands of clients, our community, our supporters and other important stakeholders and to fulfill our organizational mission, the Board of Directors of Lenox Hill Neighborhood House is charged with the overall governance of the organization.

The Board monitors program performance; ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations and contractual obligations; monitors financial performance and reviews and approves the organizational budget; reviews the annual external audit of the Neighborhood House by our independent auditors; supports organizational fundraising efforts; monitors the performance of our endowment, including the stewardship by our investment advisers; and supports, monitors and evaluates the performance of the Executive Director.     

The Board of Directors has 29 voting members and meets four times annually. The Board also functions through various committees, including the Executive Committee, Program Committee, Finance and Audit Committee and Nomination Committee which meet separately throughout the year. 

Conflict of Interest Policy

Our Conflict of Interest Policy is intended to supplement federal and New York laws governing conflicts of interest applicable to nonprofit organizations.  Maintenance of our tax-exempt status is important for our continued financial stability and public trust and support. The Internal Revenue Service and New York regulatory and tax officials view our operations as a public trust, which are subject to scrutiny by governmental authorities and members of the public.

Consequently, there exists between Lenox Hill Neighborhood House and our Board, officers, managers and the public a fiduciary duty, which carries with it a broad and unbending duty of loyalty and fidelity. The Board, officers and managers have the responsibility of administering the affairs of Lenox Hill Neighborhood House honestly and prudently and of exercising their best care, skill and judgment for the sole benefit of Lenox Hill Neighborhood House.

Code of Conduct and Whistleblower Policy

Our roles, as stewards of our mission, demand that we uphold the public trust and act in an ethical manner in all of our commitments to Lenox Hill Neighborhood House. These ethical values include integrity, openness, honesty, accountability, fairness, respect and responsibility.  We are committed to the highest possible ethical standards and we encourage everyone associated with the Neighborhood House to commit to acting in the best interest of the Neighborhood House. In order to facilitate open and honest communication, we have established a Code of Conduct for our employees, volunteers and Board Members to adhere to, in addition to all applicable laws and regulations.

If someone suspects fraud, abuse or misuse of the Neighborhood House’s resources or assets; encounters dishonest actions or deeds; suspects a conflict of interest; experiences or is aware of harassment of any kind; or any other behavior that violates the Neighborhood House’s Code of Conduct or local laws and regulations, we ask that they report the violation or suspected violation to the appropriate individuals within the Neighborhood House.

Read our complete Whistleblower Policy here.

Board of Directors

Honorary Chair
Sydney Roberts Shuman

Chair Emeriti
Thomas J. Edelman
Diana R. Quasha

Elizabeth P. Munson

Nancy S. Baker
Margery Baker-Riker
Mal L. Barasch
Gary A. Beller
Thompson Dean
Richard E. Farley
Helene D. Goldfarb
David J. Greenwald
Audrey B. Gruss
John H. Manice
Othon Prounis
Weston Quasha
John Rosselli
Guy G. Rutherfurd, Jr.
Juan A. Sabater
Robert C. Schwenkel
Christopher Spitzmiller
Kristen Swenson
Helene H. Tilney
Charles S. Warren
Hedi H. White
Bunny Williams
Judith M. Zabar

Honorary Member
Renée Landegger

Executive Director
Warren B. Scharf