Healthy Homemade Snack Workshop

Snacks workshop_Jeffrey.jpg
Snacs workshop_pizza mufins.jpg

We welcomed graduates and prospective attendees of The Teaching Kitchen at Lenox Hill Neighborhood House back to the kitchen this week for our Healthy Homemade Snacks Workshop. Teaching Kitchen Chef Lynn Loflin taught the session, where attendees learned how to include nutritionally dense foods in snacks, discussed how to serve affordably nutritious snacks to their clients and worked together to make alternative options for popular, but often unhealthy, snack foods. Recipes included black bean quesadillas on whole wheat tortillas, sweet potato fries with yogurt ranch dressing, black bean dip, carrot cake oatmeal cookies and whole wheat English muffin pizza with vegetables and marinara. 

This workshop was part of our series we are offering. Reception to our workshops has been phenomenal and include wait lists, so make sure to sign up quickly when you receive an invitation to our next workshop focusing on holiday baking!