Beating the Heat with Summer Meals

Cooking in the summer can be wonderful with a bounty of fruits and vegetables at their peak ripeness. Unfortunately, the heat can make it so you don't want to go near your oven and stove. We're here to help you make delicious meals no matter the temperature. Here are some ideas: 

  • Cook chicken breast the day before, shred it, and make a chicken salad with various vegetables and a sauce using light mayo. 
  • Incorporate beans into a classic salad of lettuce, tomato and carrots for protein and added crunch. 
  • Make a bean dip for a quick snack. Puree white beans with garlic and parsley; black beans with cumin, garlic powder and chili power; or chickpeas with garlic and lemon to make hummus. 
  • Make a cold soup like a gazpacho. Puree tomatoes, cucumbers, olive oil, vinegar and some garlic for a refreshing tomato soup. 
  • Create different variations of coleslaw with apples, red cabbage and vinegar instead of mayo. 
  • Try any of the grain salads from our grain workshop
  • Check out our salad section on the recipe page for more ideas.