A Delicious Way to Keep Hydrated

It's easy to say that keeping hydrated in the summer is important, but putting that into practice and making healthy decisions about what to drink is harder. Over the last six years, we have encouraged a healthy diet by eliminating juice from our menus. Getting rid of our juice was a contentious issue; our Head Start and RealArts After School children and our older adult clients were resistant to the change. But Juice, even 100% juice, has a lot of sugar in it. Fortunately for everyone, there is a middle ground between juice and water! Fruit or vegetable infused water can alleviate the desire for a flavored beverage, help your clients transition juice out of their diets, and repurpose juiced citrus or other rinds and peels. 

Infused water is incredibly easy to make - just add the fruit, rinds or peels to the water and let it steep overnight in the refrigerator. There are special pitchers that have a strainer so the fruit doesn't get poured into glasses, but this isn't a necessary expense. 

Potential additives: lemon, orange and lime peels and rinds; cucumber slices or peels; any cut up berries or stone fruit. 

Have fun experimenting with water! 

Lynn cutting lemons and cucumbers.jpg