Summer Snacks!

Our summer camp started this week, so we have a lot of kids in the building to feed. We are always looking for healthy snacks for both the kids and the seniors. One recipe that we use over and over that's a favorite is our hummus. This is a great healthy alternative to store bought snacks, which are often loaded with sugar and salt. Even better -- our homemade hummus is cheap and easy to make! When making the hummus you can add leftover vegetables you've had during the week to add additional nutrients. Including beets or red peppers can make the hummus pink or red, and what kid doesn't love pink food? This hummus can be served with whole wheat pita, crackers or raw veggies for dipping. To make a more substantial snack, layer the hummus into a whole wheat tortilla and layer on lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, shredded carrots or any vegetables that your kids love. 

Hummus Recipe 

Snack for 40 or 50 adults or kids


1 #10 can chickpeas, drained and rinsed well

Juice of 4 lemons or ½ cup bottled real lemon juice

2 Tbsp cumin

2 Tbsp chopped garlic

1 Tbsp salt

1 cup vegetable oil

1 cup water


*If using leftover vegetables add about 1 cup cooked carrots, beets, or winter squash.

Drain and rinse chickpeas.  May need to make in two batches in a Food Processor/ Cuisinart. Put half the drained chickpeas into the Cuisinart.  Juice lemons and add to Cuisinart bowl.  Add all other ingredients and pulse until totally pureed.  Add other half of chickpeas with some of the 1st batch and puree.  Add “leftover” vegetables if using.  Mix both batches together and combine well.  Refrigerate.

Add other spices or herbs and increase or decrease the garlic to taste.