Rice: Many Choices and Many Prices

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Choosing rice can seem like a straightforward decision. What is offered by your vendor? What is easiest to prepare? While these are important questions to ask, there are many other factors that you can consider when selecting which rice is best for your recipe. We use a couple of different types of rice depending on the dish. Generally we use a parboiled brown rice, or rice that is partially cooked and then dried again, in recipes that include rice. Brown rice can take 45 minutes to an hour to cook, but parboiled rice cuts down the cooking time significantly. We like to mix brown rice with some other grains to add texture and different nutrients. The other rice we use most often is organic brown basmati. Basmati is fragrant rice and goes well with our curries.

Something to keep in mind when selecting which rice to use is that they are not all priced equally. In our cost analysis we found that the pearled barley, wheat berries, oats, and polenta we purchase are cheaper than parboiled brown rice. This means that we can diversify our grains and save money. There are many other rice options available at affordable prices – we encourage you to research which would best fit the needs of your organization!