Swapping Grains

Grain picture.jpg

Cooks can hesitate to substitute ingredients in their recipes for fear that their meals will turn out badly, but swapping out ingredients can often lead to new, exciting and nutritious alternatives to everyday meals! There is plenty of room for creative adaptation when cooking.  We vary the grains that we use in our menus to include more nutrient dense grains and diversify what we serve. A secret to our grain recipes is that many different kinds of grains can be mixed and served together! If you work with picky-eaters who don't like a particular grain, you can substitute another while still sticking with the rest of the recipe. Also, when you introduce a new grain try incorporating only 25% of the new grain into a rice or other familiar grain, and then increase it over time.  As we transition into fall, try switching up your grains for a hearty, healthy alternative.